Photography is present in our daily lives - phones, cameras - big and small, social networks. But sometimes you might want to make your photos exceptional and for these moments you choose a photo session!
A photographer is not a person who just presses a button and captures what is happening, but shows your unique story, and your memorable emotions, and does it professionally, using his experience, knowledge, and technique.
I will be glad to become this photographer for you and create special pictures in your 'photobook'!
Photography for me is an opportunity to see, and feel your individuality, the light that only you emit, and reflect all this in photography.
Therefore, it is so important that the photo session is not an important and difficult event for you, but a pleasant time spent, another joyful event when you can escape from everyday affairs, difficulties and fuss and be natural, cheerful, and joyful with the closest people.
    To arrange a photo shoot, just call or message me (photographer's contacts)


After your letter or call, I will tell you in detail about:
- next free time,
- shooting options and cost,
- possible locations for the photo session,
- questions that we need to discuss in preparation for photography
If the main points suit you, we will discuss your ideas, wishes, image, location and other details.
1. Idea, objects, and clothes.
    To get unique shots that will delight both you and your loved ones, it is a good idea to be prepared. The main idea of the photo shoot is up to you and we want to show your unique story - so it's very important that you think about the theme and story we want to picture in the photo shoot. Of course, together we will discuss the idea and its implementation, images, plots, and the location of the shooting. 
    To make your photo session exceptional, recall your special things, games, hobbies, stories, toys, pictures, photos - all this will help us to show exactly your story. It also can help if you show me your favorite pictures and photos that you might have found engaging and inspiring. 
    Clothes are always selected by you, and I, of course, can advise you what is best for a photo shoot - the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it and that you like yourself in it. It is worth choosing a similar style for all participants in the shooting, and so that everyone has no more than 3-4 colors. After the first conversation, I can send you options for color patterns for easier matching. Formal wear usually doesn't look as good as easygoing, casual type, but in general, it certainly depends on the idea of shooting. In any case, it is better to discuss the style in advance. We can invite a stylist to conduct large interesting photo shoots in different images.
2. Better at home or outdoors?
    I like to take pictures in nature, I like photos in the sun, in the light from the wet asphalt, and in the reflection of snow-white snowdrifts. In the warm season, if the idea of ​​shooting allows it, it’s good to have a photo shoot in nature, in parks, gardens, or the city. If you have large enough windows and a bright room in your house, we can photoshoot at home. To shoot at home, it is important to prepare the room - remove everything superfluous as much as possible, hide cords and other little things that seem to be invisible, but in the frame they really interfere. Often, parents prefer to take children's photography at home or on a walk, as children feel much more natural and alive in such conditions.
    If you would like to take a photo shoot in any public place, please check with the owner if this is possible, what conditions, and what possible time, and I will need to visit this place in advance to assess the possibility of shooting concerning lighting and surroundings.
3. Preparing for a photo session
    The main preparation for a photo shoot is to prepare in a good mood! Only you know how to create a good mood for yourself, but be sure to get enough sleep, do not fight, do not pay attention to trifles and misunderstandings, do not rush - go out a little early, get ready to just have fun and joy, so that the emotions in the pictures then coincide with the emotions in memory.
    If the baby is filming, do not forget to take into account his daily routine.
    It is good for older children to talk about the photo shoot as an adventure at the end of which there will definitely be a surprise prepared by you.
    When photo shooting, try to forget about the camera, don't pose, don't "make special faces" (if you have any favorite or least favorite angles, just tell me in advance), just have fun, show your feelings, hug, kiss, indulge - do not hold back joy!)
4. Do you photograph events and parties, and what are the conditions?
    I don't photo shoot weddings in the traditional sense of the word, when I film everything that happens on the wedding day. But I am happy to conduct separate photo shoots for loving couples.
I am happy to photograph reports of children's and family holidays, especially when such holidays are held in nature. The conditions for such photo shooting depend on the scale of the celebration (time, conditions on the spot, and the desired result).
5. Do I need to do special makeup and hair?
    Most of all, I like to photograph in a natural style, when the make-up is light, and restrained, emphasizing the freshness of the face. You can limit yourself to a little self-applied makeup or invite a professional. Please note that more complex and heavy makeup can limit you to one look and show minor imperfections and signs of fatigue. Be sure to pay special attention to the hairstyle - the hair must be clean and combined - this is always very noticeable in the photographs.
6. What will I get as a result?
     You receive professionally processed photos, prepared for printing and for publication on the Internet in electronic form, which I conveniently transfer to you for you (flash drive, Internet) in the amount provided for in the corresponding package. In some packages, you additionally receive a photo book or an album. Additionally, you can order a photo book, a photo on canvas, and other photo printing options, and you can also choose additional photos for processing or purchase absolutely all photos from the shooting in basic color correction.
7. Who chooses the final photos for processing?
    We can choose photos for processing in two ways: either I choose the whole series myself, or I send you a preview with numbers and you choose half of the amount defined in the package, which I then process. The second part of the series I select myself.
8. When do I need to pay for the photo session?
50% payment on the day of booking a photo shoot and 50% on the day of photography.
9. What determines the cost of photo shooting?
    The price of a photo session depends on the amount of final work and partly on the time spent on shooting. A minimum of 10 photos and a maximum of 150. I do not limit the time of photography unless the time is limited by the studio, because the main thing in shooting is to feel comfortable, and rushing this does not help much. But usually, photo shooting a certain number of photos takes more or less the same time.
10. How to give a photo shoot?
    A photo session is a really good and joyful gift. You can message or call me, decide on the price, order a photo session and I will give you a gift certificate in a few days. The recipient of the gift will only have to agree with me on the place and time of the shooting.
11. When can I get the result?
    The term of preparation of photos takes from 2 to 8 weeks.
12. Can I order a photo book?
    A photo book is a great way to document the results of a photo session. So the photos are not lost and gradually a whole-life multivolume is created from a series of books. You can order a photo book both before and after ordering a photo session. Before sending the book to print, its design is agreed with you, adjustments are made taking into account your comments. You can see examples of my photobooks during our meeting.
13. Will our photos be published on the Internet?
    I, as the author of photographs, have the right to use my photographs for participation in exhibitions, placement in my portfolio, on my pages on the Internet, in publications in magazines, etc. If you want photos from your photo shoot not to be used anywhere, be sure to let me know before shooting. The cost of shooting on conditions of complete confidentiality is + 50% of the order value.


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